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Actions speak louder than traffic

Knowing the entry & exit points and even tracking the user flow only provides a partial image. To really understand how users use an application we need to know what actions they performed.



Constantly making network requests to third-party servers is not smart. Apptrack saves the data locally and sends it in batches, when the network connection allows it.


A free tier is available so you can evaluate the service, but the premium service is just $1 - which just covers the operating costs.


Your data is saved in your own database stores. Apptrack operates as a mediator and never monitors the tracking data.

Websites that rely on Apptrack


Apptrack works both on the server and the client, offering an interface to developers on both sides of the application stack.

On the server:

Connect using one of the SDKs which provide a simple interface. For example, in Node.js we call:

var Apptrack = require('apptrack-api');...var at = new Apptrack( options );, data);

Alternatively, you can connect directly using the API, based on OAuth2 authentication.

On the client:

Including the client JavaScript library, a similar interface allows tracking on the client-side. The interface is under at in the global scope. This should seem familiar: action, data );

Apptrack is based on open source software but the service is setup for high performance needs of a commercial level and is in fact used by the developer, K&D Interactive.

Respond to your user's activity

Apptrack paints a nice picture with charts so you know what happens on your site, what your users like doing and where the bottlenecks may be.



per month

For the individual or small team with moderate requirements. Free for life, upgrade anytime.

  • 5 apps
  • 1 store
  • Community support

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per month

For professionals with high traffic demands. Generous allowance for traffic bandwidth.

  • 25 apps
  • 5 stores
  • Priority support

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one time fee

Complete control of a server with Apptrack pre-installed, ready to run from your custom domain.

  • Unlimited features
  • Complete source code
  • Lifetime updates

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